Shipping Costs

  • Unless a shipping cost is called out on your quote AKON uses PP-ADD which is a standard industry term for shipping the product on our account then adding the shipping charges to your invoice or credit card after it ships. 
  • In addition to the shipping cost we pass on a 3% credit card fee on the shipping cost if you are not paying with cash.
  • PP-ADD is a common shipping method for companies like AKON that do not provide a standard off the shelf product. Our products are mostly custom made so we do not always know the shipping costs up front.
  • All of our listed prices are product prices and do not include additional freight charges. Our products vary widely and shipping charges are affected by a number of variables.

Lost / Damage Freight

  • If your order does not included quoted content, or you suspect missing content, AKON must be immediately notified immediately before installation.
  • Do not install your order as it will need to be returned for repair or to remedy what is missing.
  • Under no circumstances will AKON be liable for expenses related to missing content or content that was not quoted.
  • In no event will the cost of this obligation exceed the net selling price of the item as covered by your invoice.
  • In no event will any costs be deducted from an AKON invoice by means of the customer using non AKON personal to perform fixes, repairs, or installations of content that was not included, missing, or defective without the express written consent of an AKON representative.
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Returns and Refunds

Return | Refund | General Policy

Custom ordered products can not be returned for a refund as they are made to order. Please measure twice and order once. If the product is damaged or malfunctioning, please call Akon to discuss return options. You must first call 989-414-1209 to receive an “RMA” (Return Merchandise Authorization) in order for us to properly process your return.

  • If return of goods is possible due to the item being a standard stocked product, we will offer a refund or exchange within (10) days of the shipment date excluding any shipping, insurance, restocking charges (if applicable) or other charges where applicable. Please note that returned items that are simply not wanted or needed have a 15-30% restock fee.
  • If you are not satisfied with the product you receive, please call or E-Mail us immediately so we can handle your concerns and discuss a refund or replacement.
  • If you have decided that you do not want the merchandise after it has been shipped, but before it arrives, DO NOT REFUSE THE DELIVERY. If the merchandise is refused you will be liable for brokerage charges and duty incurred upon its return.
  • Mail in original packaging whenever possible. If you are sending several items, please pack them so they do not damage each other.
  • Merchandise will not be refunded without first obtaining an “RMA” (as per above).
  • Please note that invoice amounts cannot be deducted for personal expenses incurred as a result of an item or product which is not correct, shipped late, or lost by the carrier.


    General Policy

    Orders can be canceled if they are canceled before production starts. If the product is custom-made and production has already started then a determination will have to be made by AKON if any of the product is salvageable. If stocked products have already shipped, such as hardware, then they can be returned subject to a 15% restocking fee and associated freight charges. Orders canceled which were purchased with a credit card and with a value higher than $2000 are subject to credit card processing fees of 2.5%.